Don’t Miss Out! Score Supremely Cheap Flights from MSP to Florida

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Looking for affordable flights from Minneapolis to Florida can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. The flight market fluctuates, and finding the best deals might seem tricky.

This article aims to ease your travel planning by guiding you through different ways of bagging cheap flights from MSP to Florida. Prepare for an adventure as we take you on this journey towards great savings!

Key Takeaways

  • Use multiple travel sites and compare prices to find affordable flights from MSP to Florida.
  • Consider the time of year when booking your flight, as prices fluctuate throughout the year.
  • Research different airlines and compare their amenities and pricing options.
  • Choose between non – stop or connecting flights based on your preferences, convenience, and budget.

Searching for Affordable Flights from Minneapolis to Florida

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To find affordable flights from Minneapolis to Florida, use multiple travel sites and compare prices to get the best deals.

Using Multiple Travel Sites

Diversifying your search for flights across multiple travel sites optimizes the chances of securing low-cost tickets. Here is how to leverage this technique:

  • Begin your search on a travel search engine like KAYAK. It scans numerous airlines and travel agencies to give you a plethora of flight options.
  • Compare these results with flights listed directly on airline websitesAirlines such as Delta and Spirit often have exclusive deals on their platforms.
  • Check out online travel agencies which provide discounted fares and package deals that include hotel accommodations or car rental services.
  • Capitalize on tools like KAYAK’s flight Price Forecast tool to predict whether prices are likely to increase or decrease in the coming seven days.
  • Set price alerts for your chosen route. This function notifies you when fares drop, ensuring you don’t miss out on potential savings.
  • Take advantage of Hacker Fares. These are round-trip options assembled by booking two one-way tickets, potentially saving you money.

Finding the Best Flight Deals

You can score the best deals on flights from Minneapolis to Florida by keeping an eagle eye on price changes. Utilize tools like KAYAK’s Flight Price Forecast tool, which gives you data-driven insights about whether the fare for a flight is likely to increase or decrease within seven days.

Also, consider activating price alerts that inform you when fares drop for your desired route and time frame.

Another strategy involves digging into Hacker Fares. With this approach, you might book two one-way tickets with separate airlines instead of a round-trip ticket with one airline – sometimes resulting in big savings! Being flexible with dates and looking at the prices for different days in your travel window can also lead to cheaper flight options.

What to Know When Booking Flights from Minneapolis to Florida

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Consider the time of year, your airline choice, and whether you prefer non-stop or connecting flights.

Time of the year

Traveling to Florida from Minneapolis presents different pricing trends throughout the year. On average, flights in April are typically cheaper, with prices falling by about 4%. Conversely, March is considered peak travel season due to spring break and warmer temperatures in Florida; during this period you may see an average increase of 13% in airfare.

Plan your trip wisely according to these seasonal fluctuations for optimal savings on flight costs.

Airline choice

Delta Airlines is the most popular choice when it comes to flying from Minneapolis to Florida, particularly to Miami. According to customer reviews on KAYAK, other top airlines serving this route include JetBlue, Virgin Atlantic, WestJet, and KLM.

It’s important to consider these options when booking your flight, as each airline may have different amenities and pricing that suit your travel needs. Whether you prioritize comfort or affordability, researching and comparing the airlines can help you make the best choice for your trip.

Non-stop vs. connecting flights

When flying from Minneapolis to Florida, you have the option of choosing between non-stop and connecting flights.

Non-stop FlightsConnecting Flights
Travel DurationDirect travel from Minneapolis to various cities in Florida ranges from 3 hours and 13 minutes to 3 hours and 43 minutes.Travel time varies depending on the length of layover at an intermediate stop.
ConvenienceNon-stop flights allow for faster and more convenient travel, as they do not require any layovers.Connecting flights may require a layover at another airport before reaching the final destination in Florida, adding to the travel time.
CostNon-stop flights are generally more expensive, with the average price for a round-trip flight from Minneapolis to Florida being $363.Connecting flights are usually cheaper, with the cheapest round-trip flight found in the last 72 hours being $157.

In conclusion, the choice between non-stop and connecting flights largely depends on your personal preferences, time constraints, and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions About Booking Flights to Florida

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  • What is the cheapest one – way flight from Minneapolis to Florida in the last 72 hours?
  • How much is the average round – trip flight price from Minneapolis to Florida?
  • When is the best time to travel to Florida for cheaper flights?
  • Which airlines offer the most frequent flights from Minneapolis to Miami?

Top Airlines from Minneapolis to Florida

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Spirit Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and several other popular airlines offer affordable flights from Minneapolis to Florida. Discover the best options for your next trip!

Spirit Airlines

Spirit Airlines is one of the top airlines offering cheap flights from Minneapolis to Florida. With prices as low as $100, Spirit Airlines provides competitive fares for economy class passengers.

Customers rank Spirit Airlines highly in KAYAK customer reviews for their flights from Minneapolis to various cities in Florida. Additionally, due to COVID-19, Spirit Airlines offers flexible cancellation policies for flights from Minneapolis to Florida.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines is a popular choice for travelers looking for cheap flights from Minneapolis to Florida. With fares as low as $46 for a one-way ticket, Frontier offers affordable options that fit any budget.

Whether you’re planning a round-trip or multi-city trip, Frontier Airlines has flexible booking options to suit your needs. Plus, when you book with Frontier, you’ll also have access to other top airlines flying from Minneapolis to Florida, giving you even more choices and possibilities for your travel plans.

On average, the cost of a round-trip flight on Frontier Airlines from Minneapolis to Florida is around $363. So if you’re looking for an economical way to reach your sunny destination in Florida, consider flying with Frontier Airlines.

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Other popular airlines

Spirit Airlines and Frontier Airlines are not the only popular airlines that offer flights from Minneapolis to Florida. Other well-known airlines that operate this route include Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and JetBlue.

These airlines provide a range of options for travelers looking to fly to destinations such as Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Fort Myers, and Jacksonville. With competitive fares and various flight schedules throughout the year, these airlines are worth considering when booking your trip from Minneapolis to Florida.

Recent Round-Trip Flight Deals

Here are some of the recent round-trip flight deals from Minneapolis to Florida. These have been handpicked based on the last 72 hours of search data.

AirlineDeparture – ReturnPrice
Spirit Airlines05/10/2023 – 05/15/2023$157
Frontier Airlines05/10/2023 – 05/17/2023$198
Delta Airlines05/11/2023 – 05/18/2023$220
United Airlines05/15/2023 – 05/19/2023$240

Please note that these prices are subject to change. It’s important to check multiple flight booking platforms and compare prices for the best deals. The average round-trip ticket price from Minneapolis to Florida is usually around $363. However, the cheapest round-trip flight found in the last 72 hours was as low as $157.

One-Way Flight Deals

There are numerous one-way flight deals from Minneapolis to Florida that promise affordability without compromising on convenience. Here are some of the recent options:

AirlineDeparture datePriceTravel Duration
Spirit AirlinesSeptember 15, 2023$643 hours and 25 minutes
Frontier AirlinesSeptember 20, 2023$553 hours and 30 minutes
Delta AirlinesSeptember 25, 2023$753 hours and 13 minutes
Southwest AirlinesSeptember 30, 2023$653 hours and 43 minutes

Keep in mind that these prices are subject to change and availability. Be sure to frequently check the airlines’ websites or your favorite travel site for the most current deals. Remember, the cheapest one-way flight from Minneapolis to Florida in the last 72 hours was $46. Therefore, it’s possible to find similar or even lower prices when you are flexible with your travel dates.

Last Minute Flight Options from Minneapolis to Florida

If you’re in a hurry to book your flight from Minneapolis to Florida, don’t worry! There are last-minute options available that can get you where you need to go. In the past 72 hours, we found one-way flights starting as low as $46.

Whether you’re heading to Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, or Fort Myers, there are airlines like Delta Air Lines and Spirit Airlines that offer flexible booking options. So even if you’re planning your trip at the eleventh hour, you can still find affordable fares and make it to your sunny destination in no time.

Search Criteria for Finding Cheap Flights

To find cheap flights from Minneapolis to Florida, you can filter your search by stops, airline, and price on multiple travel sites.

By Stops

Flights from Minneapolis to Florida vary in terms of the number of stops. Some flights are direct, meaning they go straight from Minneapolis to your destination in Florida without any layovers.

Other flights may have one or more stops along the way. The number of stops can affect both the price and duration of your flight. If you’re looking for a quick and convenient trip, you may prefer a non-stop flight.

However, if you’re willing to make a stop or two, you might be able to find cheaper flight options. It’s worth considering your preferences and budget when choosing between flights with different numbers of stops.

By Airline

Popular airlines that offer flights from Minneapolis to Florida include Spirit AirlinesFrontier AirlinesDelta Air Lines, and American Airlines. These airlines provide a range of options for travelers, with both non-stop and connecting flights available.

Prices can vary depending on the airline and the time of year you’re traveling. It’s always a good idea to compare prices and check for any deals or promotions before booking your flight.

Keep in mind that fares are subject to change, so it’s best to book as soon as you find a good deal. Happy travels!

By Price

Looking for cheap flights from Minneapolis to Florida? You’re in luck! By price is a key factor when searching for the best flight deals. In the last 72 hours, the cheapest one-way flight from Minneapolis to Florida was just $46, while the average price for a round-trip flight is around $363.

If you’re looking to save even more money, be on the lookout for good deal round-trip options that start as low as $157. Whether you’re heading to Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Fort Myers, or Jacksonville, tracking prices and setting up price alerts can help you find the most budget-friendly options.

Don’t miss out on these great opportunities to fly affordably from Minneapolis to sunny Florida!

Upcoming Cheap Flight Options in August & September 2023

For travelers planning their trip in August and September 2023, here are some upcoming affordable flights from Minneapolis to Florida:

1. Spirit Airlines offering a round-trip, non-stop flight on August 8, 2023, for as low as $225.

2. Frontier Airlines has a one-way flight to Orlando, Florida on August 18, 2023, for just $75.

3. Delta Airlines is providing a round-trip flight to Miami, Florida with one stop, for only $315 on September 4, 2023.

4. Sun Country Airlines is offering a non-stop flight to Tampa, Florida for a bargain price of $200 on August 25, 2023.

5. American Airlines has a deal for a one-way flight to Fort Lauderdale on September 1, 2023, for just $100.

6. United Airlines is offering a connecting flight to Jacksonville, Florida for as low as $150 on September 12, 2023.

7. Allegiant Air brings you a rock-bottom price for a round-trip flight to Punta Gorda, Florida at $180 on August 31, 2023.

8. JetBlue promises a no-stop flight to Palm Beach, Florida for $220 on September 22, 2023.

9. Southwest Airlines is set to fly to Pensacola, Florida on August 15, 2023, with a one-way ticket costing only $90.

10. Delta Airlines offers another superb deal with a round-trip flight to Miami for $300 on September 29, 2023, the most frequently flown route by this airline.

These deals are subject to change and availability, so it is advised to make your bookings as early as possible to secure these prices.

Reviews of Airlines Flying to Florida

Customers have shared their experiences and reviews of the airlines that fly to Florida from Minneapolis. According to KAYAK customer reviews, JetBlue, Delta, Virgin Atlantic, WestJet, and KLM are the top five airlines serving this route.

These reviews can give you insights into the quality of service offered by each airline and help you make an informed decision when booking your flight. Whether it’s friendly staff, comfortable seating options or on-time arrivals and departures, hearing about other passengers’ experiences can be valuable in choosing the right airline for your trip to Florida.

Delta Airlines is particularly popular for flights from Minneapolis to Miami. With positive feedback regarding their service and reliability, Delta has emerged as a preferred choice among passengers flying this route.

It’s always helpful to consider these firsthand reviews before making your final decision on which airline to choose for your journey to Florida.

Additional Information for Your Trip

Car rental options are readily available in Florida, allowing for convenience and flexibility when exploring the state. From popular tourist destinations like Orlando and Miami to lesser-known gems like Fort Lauderdale and Tampa, renting a car provides easy access to all that Florida has to offer.

Car rental options

Car rental options in Florida offer convenience and flexibility for travelers exploring the state. Whether you’re planning a road trip or simply need transportation during your stay, renting a car allows you to explore at your own pace.

From popular destinations like Orlando and Miami to smaller cities like Fort Lauderdale and Tampa, there are numerous car rental services available near major airports. With an average round-trip flight price of $363 from Minneapolis to Florida, renting a car can be a cost-effective option for getting around once you’ve landed.

So go ahead and book your flight knowing that convenient transportation awaits you upon arrival!

Popular destination points in Florida

Florida offers a variety of popular destination points that are worth exploring. Some of these include:

  • Orlando: Known for its theme parks such as Walt Disney World Resort and Universal Orlando Resort.
  • Miami: A vibrant city with beautiful beaches, art deco architecture, and a lively nightlife scene.
  • Fort Lauderdale: Famous for its stunning beaches, shopping options, and boating canals.
  • Tampa: Home to attractions like Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and the Florida Aquarium.
  • Fort Myers: A gateway to the Gulf Coast, offering pristine beaches and outdoor activities.
  • Jacksonville: Featuring historical sites, museums, and an energetic downtown area.

Helpful tips for your trip

Here are some helpful tips for your trip to Florida:

  1. Plan your trip during the low season to get better deals on flights.
  2. Consider booking a round-trip flight as it often offers more savings compared to booking one-way flights.
  3. Use travel search engines like KAYAK to compare prices from multiple airlines and find the best deals.
  4. Set up price alerts to track any price drops and take advantage of discounted fares.
  5. Bundle your flight and hotel bookings together to save even more money.
  6. Check if there are any flexible date options available, as this can potentially lower the overall cost of your trip.
  7. Pack light or opt for carry – on luggage to avoid additional baggage fees.
  8. Remember to bring essentials like sunscreen, comfortable shoes, and insect repellent for your stay in Florida.
  9. Research local transportation options or consider renting a car for more flexibility during your trip.
  10. Don’t forget to explore popular destinations in Florida like Orlando, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Fort Myers, and Jacksonville.


Find the best deals on cheap flights from MSP to Florida by using multiple travel sites and tracking prices. Consider factors like the time of yearairline choice, and non-stop vs.

connecting flights when booking your trip. Whether you’re looking for a round-trip or one-way flight, there are plenty of options available at affordable prices. Don’t miss out on great savings for your next trip to the Sunshine State!


1. Are there any direct flights from MSP to Florida?

Yes, there are direct flights available from MSP to various cities in Florida.

2. What is the average price of a cheap flight from MSP to Florida?

The average price of a cheap flight from MSP to Florida can vary depending on the time of year and airlines, but it is typically around $200-$300 round trip.

3. How far in advance should I book my flight for the best deals?

For the best deals on cheap flights from MSP to Florida, it is recommended to book your tickets at least 2-4 months in advance.

4. Can I find last-minute deals on flights from MSP to Florida?

Last-minute deals on flights from MSP to Florida are possible, but they are not guaranteed. It’s always better to book in advance for more affordable options.

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