Best Deals on Cheap Flights from Houston to San Diego

What airline offers the cheapest flights from Houston to San Diego?

Southwest Airlines offers some of the cheapest flights from Houston to San Diego. With its low fares, generous baggage policy, and excellent customer service, Southwest is a popular choice for travelers looking to save money on their flights.

Finding the best deal on a flight from Houston to San Diego, including the price of a flight, can be quite a task, considering numerous airlines and fluctuating prices. Did you know that booking at least 61 days in advance can save up to 45% on this route? This comprehensive guide will help unravel your travel woes by providing insider tips on scoring the most affordable flight tickets, specific airline deals, and much more, including the cheapest month to book a flight and why September can be a great choice for travel to San Diego. The flights to San Diego from Houston in September are about $390 on average during September but can be found for as low as $130. American Airlines is also a great choice for the route, with an average price of $458 and an overall rating of 7.

Ready for an adventure without breaking the bank? Let’s dive in!

How to Find Cheap Flights from Houston to San Diego

A woman compares flights on her laptop while holding a suitcase.To find cheap flights from Houston to San Diego, compare travel sites, opt for non-stop flights, and consider one-way flights.

Comparing travel sites

Finding the best deal on your flight from Houston to San Diego requires some savvy shopping across various travel websites. Here’s how you can do just that:

  • Start your search with The site allows users to customize their search based on their travel preferences and offers Price Drop Protection.
  • Don’t forget to check out OneKey. Members of this site can earn OneKeyCash on transactions, saving up to 30% when adding a hotel to the flight booking.
  • Take a look at rates from popular airlines like Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines. These airlines often feature heavily on routes between Houston and San Diego.
  • Consider setting price alerts on different sites for flights from Houston (IAH) to San Diego (SAN). This will help you nab any price drops as soon as they occur.
  • Check prices for one-way and round-trip flights. The starting prices for one-way journeys from Houston to San Diego usually begin at $70, while round trip prices start at around $148.
  • Lastly, always evaluate the total cost, including fees and taxes, before making a decision.

Opting for non-stop flights

Non-stop flights present an advantageous choice for travelers aiming to save time and relish the journey’s simplicity. Southwest Airlines, a popular choice, provides non-stop flights from Houston (IAH) to San Diego (SAN), taking approximately 3 hours and 24 minutes to complete the journey.

This express service eliminates layovers, making it perfect for those who prefer straightforward travel or have tight schedules.

Booking a non-stop flight also comes with other benefits like less hassle with luggage as you don’t need to worry about transferring your bags during stopovers. Plus, there’s a lower risk of delayed or missed connections which can cause major disruptions in travel plans.

So next time you’re looking at flights from Houston to San Diego, consider opting for a non-stop one on airlines such as Southwest – it could make your trip smoother and more enjoyable!

Considering one-way flights

One-way flights offer significant flexibility, especially for travelers with uncertain return dates. A one-way flight from Houston to San Diego starts at $45, a cost-effective alternative for budget-conscious travelers on websites like

While round-trip tickets are often seen as the traditional choice, searching for two one-way fares can sometimes result in cheaper overall prices or better departure and arrival times.

The vast array of airlines serving this route including United Airlines and Frontier Airlines ensures ample availability of one-way flights. However, customers should verify baggage policies before booking as they vary per airline.

Popular Airlines Operating Flights from Houston to San Diego

A plane taking off from Houston airport with a beautiful sunset.Frontier Airlines and United Airlines are among the popular airlines that operate flights from Houston to San Diego.

Frontier Airlines

Frontier Airlines operates numerous flights from Houston to San Diego. Known for their budget-friendly options, they offer one-way flights starting at just $70. Travelers can find these great deals on by specifically searching for Frontier Airlines journeys between George Bush Intercontinental Airport and San Diego International Airport.

This airline is a top choice amongst travelers due to its affordable rates. Plus, with Price Drop Protection provided by on Frontier Airlines flights, customers are shielded from potential price changes after booking, ensuring the best value for their money.

United Airlines

United Airlines is one of the popular airlines that operate flights from Houston to San Diego. They offer a range of options for travelers, including economy, premium economy, business class, and first class.

With United Airlines, you can enjoy a comfortable and convenient travel experience with amenities such as in-flight entertainment and complimentary snacks and beverages. Additionally, United Airlines is part of various airline alliances, allowing passengers to earn and redeem airline miles across different partner airlines.

Whether you’re traveling for business or leisure, United Airlines provides reliable and efficient service on the Houston to San Diego route.

Upcoming Flight Deals

A tourist enjoying a stunning sunset view from an airplane window.Find the best upcoming flight deals for cheap flights from Houston to San Diego in October and November 2023.

Cheap Flights in October & November 2023

If you’re planning a trip from Houston to San Diego, this is the ideal time to book your flight. October and November 2023 have some amazing deals offering cheap flights. Below is a table providing detailed information about the flights for these two months.

Month | Airline | Flight Price(starts from) | Flight Duration

October 2023 | Frontier Airlines | $70 | 3 hours 10 minutes

November 2023 | Spirit Airlines | $70 | 3 hours 32 minutes

Ensure to grab these lucrative deals while they last. These budget-friendly flights will make your journey from Houston to San Diego comfortable and cost-effective.

Flight Availability

A bustling airport terminal with airplanes and diverse people.Flight availability for Houston to San Diego flights can vary on an hourly and weekly basis.

Hourly flight availability

Hourly flight availability is a useful tool for travelers, allowing them to choose flights based on their desired departure time.

Hour | Airlines | Price | Availability

6:00 AM | Frontier Airlines | $120 | Available

7:00 AM | United Airlines | $150 | Available

8:00 AM | Southwest Airlines | $130 | Available

9:00 AM | Frontier Airlines | $150 | Sold Out

10:00 AM | Delta Airlines | $160 | Available

This table displays various flight options with different airlines and prices on an hourly basis, providing travelers with the most up-to-date information. Users can book flights at any hour based on their preferred departure time. The availability of flights may vary depending on the airline and the time of day. Passengers can choose to book one-way or round trip flights based on their travel needs and preferences. Through this tool, users can compare prices and choose the best deal for their travel plans.

Weekly flight availability

Weekly flight availability for flights from Houston to San Diego offers numerous options for travelers. These flights are provided by numerous popular airlines, including Frontier Airlines and Spirit Airlines.

Day of Week | Flight Availability

Monday | Available

Tuesday | Available

Wednesday | Available

Thursday | Available

Friday | Available

Saturday | Available

Sunday | Available

Users can search for available flights based on their preferred travel dates. On Expedia, a Price Drop Protection program promises to pay customers back if their flight gets cheaper, which can be a great advantage for travelers aiming for cost-effectiveness. For members of One Key, flights booked offer the opportunity to earn OneKeyCash on top of airline miles. An added bonus for these members is the potential to save up to 30% when adding a hotel to their flight booking. Prices for one-way flights from Houston to San Diego start as low as $70, with round-trip prices beginning at $148.

Tips for Booking a Budget-friendly Flight

When booking a budget-friendly flight from Houston to San Diego, consider booking in advance and being flexible with your travel dates.

Booking in advance

Booking your flight from Houston to San Diego in advance is a smart move if you want to secure the best deals. By planning ahead, you give yourself more options and increase your chances of finding affordable fares.

Expedia also offers Price Drop Protection, which means that if the price of your flight drops after you book, they will reimburse you the difference. Plus, if you’re a One Key member, you can earn OneKeyCash and save up to 30% when adding a hotel to your flight booking.

So don’t wait until the last minute – start looking for flights early and take advantage of these great savings opportunities!

Being flexible with travel dates

Flexibility with travel dates can be a game-changer when it comes to finding the best deals on flights from Houston to San Diego. By having flexible dates, you open yourself up to a wider range of flight options and prices.

For example, booking your flight at least 61 days in advance can save you up to 45% compared to booking last-minute. Additionally, Southwest Airlines offers a convenient Low Fare Calendar that allows you to input flexible travel dates and find the lowest fares available for your desired itinerary.

So, if you’re willing to adjust your travel plans slightly, you could snag some incredible deals and make your trip even more budget-friendly.

Additional Information

Renting a car in San Diego allows for convenient transportation around the city and exploring nearby attractions. Reviews of airlines serving San Diego can help travelers make informed decisions about their flight options.

Renting a car in San Diego offers convenient car rental options in San Diego, allowing travelers to explore the city and its surrounding areas with ease. With a variety of vehicle types available, including economy, compact, midsize, full-size, and luxury cars, users can find the perfect fit for their travel preferences.

The prices for car rentals in San Diego vary based on factors such as vehicle type, duration of rental, and availability. Renting a car provides the flexibility and convenience needed to make the most out of your trip to San Diego.

Reviews of Airlines Serving San Diego

Alaska Airlines, with a rating of 8.1 out of 10 based on 1,395 reviews, provides excellent service to travelers flying into San Diego. Delta follows closely with a rating of 7.9 out of 10 based on 3,031 reviews.

Southwest Airlines also offers a pleasant travel experience according to its rating of 7.6 out of 10 based on 1,521 reviews. United Airlines received a rating of 7.4 out of 10 based on 1,895 reviews and is known for providing satisfactory service to passengers traveling to San Diego.

These airlines have received positive feedback from numerous customers regarding their quality and reliability when serving this popular destination in California.

FAQs for Booking Houston to San Diego Flights

When is the best time to book flights from Houston to San Diego?

  • It is recommended to book flights at least 1 week in advance for a below – average price.
  • The average price for round – trip flights from Houston to San Diego is $458.
  • Flights from Houston to San Diego depart from George Bush Intercontinental Airport.
  • Morning departures tend to be 54% more expensive than evening flights.

Top 5 Airlines Serving From George Bush International to San Diego

The top 5 airlines serving flights from George Bush International Airport to San Diego are:

  1. Frontier Airlines
  2. United Airlines
  3. Spirit Airlines
  4. American Airlines
  5. Delta Airlines

Last Minute Flight Deals

Discover the best last-minute flight deals from Houston to San Diego and get ready for an impromptu getaway! Don’t miss out on incredible savings – read more to find out where you can score these amazing deals.

Last-minute flights, train, and bus deals

Looking for a spontaneous getaway? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with last-minute deals on flights, trains, and buses from Houston, College Station Easterwood Field Airport, to San Diego. Whether you prefer to fly, take the train, or hop on a bus, there are plenty of options available for those looking to book a budget-friendly trip. Keep an eye out for special promotions and discounted fares that can save you even more on your last-minute travel plans. So go ahead and pack your bags – adventure awaits!

Special Offers and Programs by Airlines

Airlines like Southwest Airlines and United Airlines offer special offers and programs for travelers, such as Southwest’s Rapid Rewards program and United’s various loyalty programs.

These can provide benefits like discounted fares, priority boarding, and the ability to earn and redeem points for flights or other rewards.

Southwest Airlines special offers

Southwest Airlines provides special offers for travelers looking for cheap flights from Houston to San Diego. With Southwest Airlines, you can find affordable fares and take advantage of their loyalty program, Rapid Rewards.

Earn points on your flights and redeem them for future travel or other rewards. Additionally, Southwest Airlines offers perks like EarlyBird Check-In and Upgraded Boarding to enhance your travel experience.

Make sure to check out these special offers when booking your flight with Southwest Airlines.

United Airlines programs

United Airlines offers a range of special programs for flights from Houston to San Diego. With United’s programs, travelers have the opportunity to earn airline miles and OneKeyCash, which can be redeemed for future flights or other travel expenses.

Additionally, United Airlines offers exclusive benefits for One Key members, including savings of up to 30% when adding a hotel reservation to their flight booking. So not only can you find affordable flights with United Airlines, but you can also enjoy extra perks and rewards along the way.

Prices for United Airlines flights from Houston Hobby to San Diego start at just $70 for one-way flights and $148 for round trip flights. Plus, with non-stop flight options available, you’ll be able to reach your destination in no time with flight durations ranging from 3 hours and 10 minutes to 3 hours and 32 minutes. Comparing airlines, departure airports, and flight times can provide users with more options. San Diego (SAN), located 2.6 mi from the city center, is the airport you fly into when you book flights from Houston to San Diego. 5 airlines have flights to San Diego from Houston on a regular basis, including San Diego Airport. Booking flights from Houston to San Diego should not be difficult; the airport handles an average of 2 inbound flights from Houston to the city center per day.


Get ready to book your affordable flight from Houston to San Diego today! With options like non-stop flights, flexible travel dates, and popular airlines like Frontier Airlines and United Airlines operating on this route, finding the best deal is easier than ever.

Don’t miss out on the upcoming flight deals in October and November 2023 – start planning your trip now and save big on your next adventure to sunny San Diego.


1. Where can I find the best deals on flights from Houston to San Diego?

Look for roundtrip or return flight deals from William P. Hobby or Houston George Bush Airport to San Diego Intl. Airport on sites like KAYAK, JustFly, or Expedia’s Latest Trends.

2. Can you bundle a flight and hotel booking for cheap flights from Houston to San Diego?

Yes, bundling your flight reservation with a hotel like ‘Houston Airport Marriott’ can help save money while offering added convenience.

3. What airlines offer direct flights from Houston to San Diego?

Airlines including United Airlines, Spirit Airlines, Frontier, American Airlines, and Delta offer nonstop flights between these two popular destinations.

4. How does the check-in process work when flying from Houston (Hobby) to San Diego?

The check-in process is simple: it could be done online for convenience or at the airline desk at William P Hobby Airport; remember any luggage must also be checked in!

5. Are there extra fees for baggage on my flight from Houston to San Diego?

Bag fees depend on the airline such as Southwest Airlines’s policies about carry-on bags and overhead bins usage; always check before booking.

6. Is customer service available if I have issues with my flight reservation?

Yes! Most airlines provide customer service for inquiries related to boarding practices, wheelchair accessibility services, and food options during an early morning or late night flight delay situation.

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